Q.  Does the coordination fee cover other services like the decor, entertainment, mehndi etc.?

A.  The Shanaya Celebrations coordination fee will be a separate entity from other costs such as decor, sound & light, mehndi artists, DJ, entertainment etc., as each of those costs are subjective and will vary upon venue, dates, given budget, and desired scale. The fee will however entail the designing, planning and coordination of the entire wedding from the time we are hired until the wedding is over.

Q.  Do the hotels offer a good variety of vegetarian food? Do they have Indian food?

A.  Not all hotels have an Indian chef; however they will allow outside catering. We can arrange for a wide spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods of the Indian (Jain, Guajarati, Sindhi etc.) and other cuisines. Chefs can also be brought in from India to cater a more personalized taste.

Q.  What is the difference between having a wedding in Bangkok instead of Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, Khao Lak, Koh Samui etc.?

A.  Bangkok is the only common destination without a beach; however the riverside hotels can be just as appealing. Many external vendors come from Bangkok City, therefore a separate logistics fee may be chargeable above their service fee, for functions held outside Bangkok. This entails of the accommodation and road transportation for the respective teams and their equipment during the event days. Keeping this in mind, a wedding in Bangkok is likely to be a more cost effective option.

Q.  Our crowd is not big; therefore we don’t want our décor to be over the top. We want a simple and elegant wedding.

A.  If you prefer to have a more “low key” wedding, we advise to have less construction and go with minimum or basic décor. By doing so, we can still design it in a way where it looks elegant. Avoiding festive holidays can also bring down the cost of several services.

Q.  We are looking to have a couple of functions outdoors.  How feasible is this?

A.  Most resorts will allow an outdoor party (Wedding, Pool/Beach party etc.) if they have the space to facilitate the function you want. Each hotel will have a different set of regulations and may impose a time restriction if loud music is involved.  We advise to keep an indoor area in mind as an alternative for the function in case you come across a rainy weather.