DJ Ash

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Bangkok’s prodigy, Ashwani Pawa can very easily be dubbed the #1 Bollywood DJ in Thailand! Before hitting the decks at only 18 years of age, Ashwani was and still continues to always be the go-to guy when it comes to anything to do with music. Coming to a realization of his knack for music & beats combined with his creative mindset, Bangkok’s own super DJ began the transition from Ashwani Pawa to The Internationally Acclaimed DJ ASH!

Spinning at all types of events including weddings, private and public parties, Ash quickly became known as Thailand’s top choice DJ for events and especially weddings. Up until now DJ Ash has been able to keep people of various cultures and ages on the dance floor by playing the best of Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop/R&B, House, and Old School (English and Indian)! Ash has also hit the club & nightlife scene all over Thailand as well as in neighboring countries and the African continent, and is rising at a very fast pace to the top. To this day, no crowd has been able to resist getting on the dance floor with this man behind the decks!DJ Ash has with ease got the crowd rocking at events featuring some renowned DJs and artists including DJ Bosco (Mumbai), DJ Sunil & Kushal (Singapore), Imran Khan (UK), and Juggy D (UK). He has also performed memorably for private parties held by Air Asia and Bangkok airways, as well as parties for the cast and crew of The Merchants of Bollywood as well as cruise dinners for Anil Kapoor’s immediate family!

What separates DJ Ash from all the others? Passion! While performing he appears completely calm and in control of the madness going on and passing through the dance floor. He explains that Bollywood and Hindi music is what really revs his engine because that’s where he sees the crowds going wild, and he makes sure that not a single person is off the dance floor with his unique styles. On top of just reading the crowd and going by their reactions, Ash does research before each event he performs at. He finds out what type of a crowd is going to be prevalent, the type of music which they prefer listening to, the songs that all of them will know, and he uses this compiled information to come up with a tentative playlist for the night to assure no favorite tracks are missed. He leaves no details untouched, nor does he leave failure as an option. Every single time he performs the crowd cheers and demands more!

Some of the Public Hot Spots DJ Ash has entertained the crowd in:

  • Bed Supperclub (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • 808 (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Mingles Restaurant/Bar – Amari Atrium Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Red – Indian Contemporary Dining (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Indus (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Koi (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Gazebo (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Vasco’s (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
  • Cage Club (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
  • 90 Degrees (Mauritius)

For further details on DJ Ash you can directly contact him at:


Mobile: +66892025185